The Legend of Chima
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date January 16, 2013
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The Legend of Chima is the 1st episode of the Legends of Chima(TV Series) that premiered on Cartoon Network on January 16, 2013.


Laval (leader of the Lion Tribe) and Cragger (leader of the Crocodile Tribe) are seen before they become enemies. Cragger later sneaks into the Lion CHI Temple to steal a CHI orb from the Sacred Pool of CHI. However he is caught by Laval and Cragger promises never to steal the CHI again.

However, Cragger breaks that promise and returns to the Lion CHI Temple. However this time, his theft is reported by Lagravis to his father; the king of the Crocodile Tribe; Crominus who later meets with him at the Lion CHI Temple which leads to a war between the Lion Tribe and the Crocodile Tribe. Crominus and his wife Crunket later arrive during the war in a tank. However, they fall off of a cliff and tell Cragger that he is to be the new leader of the Crocodile Tribe. They then fall, but instead of dying, just end up being trapped in their tank. When Cragger returns to his home, his sister Crooler starts to control his mind with a flower and encourages him to become the new leader of the Crocodile Tribe and destroy the Lion Tribe.