The Great Story
Season 1, Episode 2
The Great Story
Air date January 16, 2013
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The Great Story is the 2nd episode of the Legends of Chima(TV Series) that aired Cartoon Network.


Cragger forms an alliance with Worriz and the Wolf Tribe. Laval's father Lagravis gives out CHI to all of the animal tribes and tells a story of how Mount Cavora was formed and how the normal animals drank the CHI from the waterfalls of Mount Cavora and were turned into two-legged animals. However, one animal from each tribe did not drink the CHI and these animals are called Legend Beasts. They will appear when their tribe needs them most.

Laval is later given a CHI and drops it just as the Crocodile Tribe and the Wolf Tribe attack the Lion CHI Temple and Cragger steals Laval's CHI orb while he is wearing his father's golden helmet. Laval later catches Cragger and removes the helmet. Cragger then puts the CHI in his chest and temporarily becomes an Ultrabuild. Laval and Cragger then start a Speedorz of which Cragger wins by throwing Laval into water, hoping that he had died. Laval is then rescued by the Lion Legend and returns to the Lion CHI Temple and defeats Cragger and his forces. Laval later vows to protect the CHI from anyone who wishes to steal it.