Affiliation Ice Clan
Saber Tooth Tribe
Weapon None
Gender Male
Status Alive

Sykor is a member of the Ice Clan's Saber Tooth Tribe. Sykor's name is a pun on "psycho", which indeed is reasonable for Sykor because he is truly insane. He does not speak, as he only growls to go with his wild and feral behavior. Sykor is the only member of the Saber Tooth Tribe to occasionally walk on all fours, and he is as well extremely hyper. Sykor is so out of control, that he has to be kept on a leash by Strainor.

Sykor is also possibly one of the most powerful of the Saber Tooth Tribe alongside his leader Sir Fangar, as he was able to take down Lagravis and some of the other lions who were using CHI.

Set appearances

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