Affiliation Ice Clan
Saber Tooth Tribe
Gender Male
Status Alive

Strainor is a member of the Saber Tooth Tribe of the Ice Clan and holds the leash to the feral Saber Tooth named Sykor, hence his name. Unlike many of the other Saber Tooth Tribe, Strainor is constantly nervous and is literally dragged in many directions having the responsibility of holding Sykor's leash. description

Strainor is nervous and scared all the time. His major responsibility as a Saber Tooth warrior is to hold Sykor’s leash, and since Sykor is constantly dragging him this way and that, it’s not an easy life. Strainor is basically allergic to pain and will fight hard in battle just to avoid being hurt. The other Saber Tooths know how nervous he is and like to play practical jokes, like making sudden, loud noises just to make him jump. Given that he spends all day trying to keep control of a crazed Saber Tooth, Strainor doesn’t really need help being afraid.

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