Affiliation Ice Clan
Saber Tooth Tribe
Gender Male
Status Alive

Stealthor is a general of the Ice Clan's Saber Tooth Tribe and, as his name implies, used to be a master of stealth and ambush. Now that he is partially undead and is infused with ice powers like all of the other Hunters, he has extreme difficulty in hiding due to his glowing icy limbs. description

Stealthor is a Saber Tooth general, as well as an experienced scout. Once, it was almost impossible to spot him if he didn’t want to be seen. But these days, his glowing bones and icy powers make it hard for him to conceal himself. It’s difficult to sneak around when you keep freezing everything. Although he is a formidable warrior, Stealthor misses the days when he was the tribe’s master of disguise and expert at spotting the enemy before they spotted him. He has tried wearing layers of really warm clothes to try to keep from spreading ice everywhere, but that has yet to work.

Set appearances