Sir Fangar
Sir Fangar
Affiliation Ice Clan (leader)
Saber Tooth Tribe (leader)
Weapon Glacior
Gender Male
Status Alive

Sir Fangar, formerly known as simply Fangar, is the primary antagonist in the late 2014 season of Legends of Chima and the leader of the entire Ice Clan, as well as the Saber Tooth Tribe. description

Sir Fangar is the leader of the Ice Hunters who are menacing the land of Chima. Smart, unpredictable and dangerous, he intends to conquer Chima and then remake it into what he wants it to be. Sir Fangar is very aggressive and keeps his army on the move, but his unwillingness to retreat has cost him in battle. Along with taking over Chima, Sir Fangar hopes to “collect” and freeze one of every tribe, including the Phoenix, as trophies.


Fangar was a young Saber Tooth who studied at the Phoenix Library under the tutoring of the Teachers. Unlike his peers, Fangar rose above them and became so full of knowledge, that all he felt that he had left to accomplish was complete domination of Chima. Now calling himself Sir Fangar, his attacks turned Chima into a lifeless wasteland, and the teachers eventually stopped the Hunters (soon to be called the Ice Clan) with the Illumination armor.

Sir Fangar and his Hunters continued to fight back, and the Illumination fought back as well. The battle resulted in creating the Gorge of Eternal Death, which also created Mount Cavora. Sir Fangar and the Hunters were left frozen in ice at the bottom of the gorge, having had all of the heat pulled from the gorge by the Illumination. The ice that trapped Sir Fangar and his Hunters held its own power from the Illumination, giving them powers seemingly in reverse of the Illumination.

Dream of the Dreamless

After the Black Cloud Tribes were defeated by the united animal tribes, the scorpion king Scorm threw an orb of CHI (earlier given to him by Laval) down into the Gorge of Eternal Death, where a frozen Sir Fangar was revived from his sleeping state by the CHI.

Revived, although still frozen in the ice, Sir Fangar had a dream where he saw Mount Cavora and the new land of Chima, much different from how he remembered it. Appalled at seeing his half-ice self and his Ice Clan in an undead-like stasis, he pondered why he and his clan were so broken. Upon hearing the word "broken", the Beaver Tribe immediately approached him. Sir Fangar was appalled to see the Beavers so small, and also pondered what the CHI was. The Beavers explained that tribes use the CHI for fighting by placing it in their chests, and Sir Fangar did so. Upon placing the CHI in his chest, Sir Fangar's memories came back, remembering how the Teachers had grounded the Ice Clan. After declaring that Chima would be his, the scene cuts back to Sir Fangar still frozen in the ice.

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