Lavertus is an exiled lion warrior who is later revealed to be Shadowind. His minifigure appears in Lavertus's Outland Base, Lavertus's Twin Blade, and Stinger Duel.


Lavertus is Lagravis' brother and Laval's uncle. He was exiled a long time ago because he was in love with the young crocodile princess Crunket. Unfortunately, the croc prince Crominus from one of the other royal families also loved her. Crominus got persauder plant seeds from Reegull and used them to hypnotize Lavertus. Crominus ordered Lavertus to stay away from Princess Crunket, and the spell worked for a while, but eventually their love proved more powerful than the magic. Crominus used another persuader plant on Lavertus and ordered him to steal Chi. When the lion guards stopped him, the spell wore off and Lavertus was exiled tot he Outlands.

Later, Lavertus helped the 8 heroes defeat the dark tribes and sent a book, The Shadowind Chronicles, to Laval.


shadowind minifugre

After his adventures in the Outlands, it is expected that Lavertus/Shadowind will return to Chima and the Lion tribe from exile in Season 3.

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