"Dream of the Dreamless", also known as "Dream Dreamless", is the 31st filler in the Legends of Chima season of 2014.


After the Black Cloud Tribes were defeated by the united animal tribes, the scorpion king Scorm threw an orb of CHI (earlier given to him by Laval) down into the Gorge of Eternal Death, where a frozen Sir Fangar was revived from his sleeping state by the CHI.

Revived, although still frozen in the ice, Sir Fangar had a dream where he saw Mount Cavora and the new land of Chima, much different from how he remembered it. Appalled at seeing his half-ice self and his Ice Clan in an undead-like stasis, he pondered why he and his clan were so broken. Upon hearing the word "broken", the Beaver Tribe immediately approached him. Sir Fangar was appalled to see the Beavers so small, and also pondered what the CHI was. The Beavers explained that tribes use the CHI for fighting by placing it in their chests, and Sir Fangar did so. Upon placing the CHI in his chest, Sir Fangar's memories came back, remembering how the Teachers had grounded the Ice Clan. After declaring that Chima would be his, the scene cuts back to Sir Fangar still frozen in the ice.