"Whatever you do, don't listen to your sister!"
— Crominus to Cragger
Crominus CGI
Affiliation Crocodile Tribe
Weapon Royal Hakraxx



Gender Male
Status Alive

Crominus is a LEGO Legends of Chima character and the leader of the Crocodile Tribe. Although his primary weapon is the Royal Hakraxx, he sometimes uses the Grandiorus and the Krank.


Crominus is the king of the Crocodile Tribe, the father of Cragger and Crooler, and is married to the Crocodile Tribe queen Crunket. Crominus wears armor like Cragger and a gold helmet which symbolizes his leadership.


The Legend of Chima

Crominus arrives at the Lion CHI Temple with his son Cragger to report Cragger's theft of CHI from the Lion CHI Temple which leads to him arguing with Lagravis and starting a war between the Lion Tribe and the Crocodile Tribe. Crominus, soon after, arrives with his wife Crunket in a tank. However, both he and Crunket fall off of a cliff and end up trapped inside their tank. Crominus then becomes worried that his daughter Crooler will influence Cragger.


Crominus's silohoutte is seen after he recieves the Pledge of the Pack that Crooler and Worriz dropped. He then walks back into the shadows.

Balancing Act

When Laval says someone is yelling down in the gorge, it may be Crominus.

For Chima!

As revealed by Crunket, Crominus is still in the Outlands;Captured by the Black Cloud Tribe.


Set appearances

Lego Chima Laval's Journey

King Crominus is a playable character in Lego Legends of Chima: Laval's Journey.

In Game Bio

"Cragger's father King Crominus ruled the Crocodile tribe before he and his wife were lost. He didn't like the Lions but always respected them and ruled with logic and common sense unlike hot-headed Cragger."

— Lego Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey