Cragger CGI
Affiliation Crocodile Tribe
Weapon Vengdualize
Gender Male
Status Alive

Cragger is a LEGO Legends of Chima character and is formerly best friends with Laval after turning evil do to the influence of his sister Crooler and the power of his one desire; the CHI.


Cragger is the captain of a large swamp boat where he and the rest of his Crocodile Tribe plot to concur Chima. Cragger's only desire is to obtain as much CHI as he can find. Cragger used to be best friends with Laval the lion until he went mad with desire for the CHI and betrayed him. Cragger, although cunning and cruel can sometimes still be tricked by his twin sister Crooler.


Cragger has dark green on the top of his head with a lighter navy-green color on his lower jaw. He has a scar on his right eye which is also sightless since it was scared. Cragger is so half-blind, nobody knows what happendd. Cragger wears a ragged red colored cape with CHI armor like that of his father Crominus. In the Legends of Chima TV series, Cragger has red on the ridges of his head and sharp jagged teeth. As a Minifigure, he doesn't have red color on these ridges on his head.


The Legend of Chima

Cragger is seen with Laval before they became enemies, talking with Laval and hopping on Laval's back. He later sneaks into the Lion CHI Temple to get a CHI orb from the Sacred Pool of CHI. However, he is caught by Laval and promises that he will never steal any of the CHI again. However Cragger breaks that promise and returns to the Lion CHI Temple to steal the CHI again. However his theft is reported to his father Crominus by Lagravis and they later meet at the temple which leads to a war between the Lion Tribe and the Crocodile Tribe. When he finds out that his parents; Crominus and Crunket had fallen down a cliff and are trapped in their vehicle, Crooler controls his mind with a flower; encouraging him to become the leader of the Crocodile Tribe and destroy the Lion Tribe.

The Great Story

Cragger joins forces with the Wolf Tribe and the Raven Tribe and orders them to attack the Lion CHI Temple. Just as Laval is about to use his CHI, he drops it due to the rumbling of the Crocodile Tribe and Wolf Tribe forces attacking the temple and Cragger steals the CHI orb while wearing his father's golden helmet. Laval later removes the helmet to find that it is him who stole his CHI. Cragger later starts a Speedorz fight with Laval, whom he now blames for the disappearance of his parents and throws Laval into some water hoping that he is dead and returns the the Lion CHI Temple to steal the CHI. However, Laval is rescued by the Lion Legend and returns to the temple to ward of Cragger and his forces.


Set appearances

Lego Chima Laval's Journey

Cragger is a playable character in Lego Legends of Chima: Laval's Journey.

In Game Bio

"Cragger has always been a highly competitive Croc who lives for the rush of victory . He used to be best friends with Laval, but he broke the rules to get his first taste of CHI before he was old enough to handle its awesome power. Conflict broke out between the Lions and the Crocs and Cragger's parents were lost is an unfortunate accident. Now Cragger seeks revenge against the Lions and control of the CHI."

— Lego Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey