Fire and Ice CHI
Affiliation Varies
Uses Gives warriors great power
Powers vehicles
Status N/A

CHI is a source of life for the creatures of the world of Chima. The creatures of Chima began fighting over this CHI for power, but in the wrong hands CHI can be very dangerous.

The first CHI was discovered by the Legend Beasts on Mount Cavora of which the Legend Beasts drank the CHI and became two-legged animals. The only Legend Beast that did not drink the CHI was the Lion Legend. Most animal tribe leaders wear armor with CHI in it's core (at least with LEGO Minifigures).


The creatures of the world of Chima wear armor with an orb in the center that contains CHI to keep them alive. If enough CHI is obtained, a character (or ordinary Minifigure) can become an Ultrabuild.

CHI is sometimes formed as water such as that of the CHI that flows on Mount Cavora and in the Sacred Pool of CHI. Most CHI has been guarded by the Lion Tribe for generations and was once shared throughout the land of Chima, but is now the reason of the war between the eight animal tribes.


CHI is used for nearly everything in the land of Chima. It is used to give warriors great might, power vehicles, and power most weapons. However, weapons like the Royal Valious need recharging after use. Animal tribe warriors can place CHI orbs in their chests and become the size of an Ultrabuild and powers vehicles by installing it to their motors (at least in LEGO sets). CHI is also used in Speedorz games as both a power source to the vehicles and the prize.


CHI is mostly crystal, but can take the form of water. It is normally light blue in color. However, the CHI that powers weapons of the evil animal tribes seems to turn red when it hits the weapon. CHI orbs are basically crystal balls with CHI crystals inside of them.

Fire CHI appears extremely similar to ordinary CHI, only colored orange whereas ordinary CHI is blue. The ice CHI has no difference in appearance as compared to ordinary CHI.