Affiliation Bear Tribe
Weapon Unknown
Gender Male
Status Alive
Bladvic is a member and the main character of the Bear Tribe. Like the rest of his tribe, he is always sleepy, can sleep anywhere, and think whispering is shouting.


Bladvic is a brown bear that wears a golden helmet. He has grey and brown/yellowish armor and clothes. He always has a sleepy expression on his face.


Bladvic is seen when Laval and Cragger are practice playing with swords and a bee hive fell on Cragger's head. He easily grabed the hive and walked away. Laval and Cragger followed him and Bladvic fell asleep, hugging the hive. Cragger asked if he ever walks up. Laval answered that if you whisper. He then wakes up telling them not to shout.

He is then seen facing Rogon in the Golden CHI joust. He lost and fell asleep.

In The Hundred Year Moon, he is seen slepping with the rest off his tribe when  Wakz was driving through warning everyone about the wolfs reaction to the Hundred Year Moon. He was shouting, but no one was walking up, so he went up to Bladvic, and whispered ereything to him. He woke up in surprise and started to tell the other members.


Set Appearances

None so far

Lego Chima Laval's Journey

Bladvic is a playable charactar in Lego Legends of Chima: Laval Journey

In Game Bio

Bladvic is one the stronger more powerful warriors in Chima at least when he can stay awake.If he had it his way he would spend all his time asleep in his hammock by the river instead of being dragged into battle.